The Golden Bay Workcentre Trust has a proud history serving the people of Golden Bay, and in more recent years, Motueka.

Since 1979 the Workcentre has been at the heart of our community.

We are an NZQA and MSD accredited Private Training Establishment (PTE) offering a range of education services, community support, mentoring and employment programmes to assist people in our communities.

Our community hub in Tākaka is also home to 18 community centric organisations and individuals.

We are located in the Top of the South and have staff in both Motueka and Golden Bay.



The Golden Bay Workcentre Trust creates opportunities by providing facilities, resources, training and support, for individuals and groups, to realise their unique potential, value and role in their whānau and community.



The Golden Bay Workcentre Trust enables individuals and groups to achieve self-determination, create healthy and tolerant lifestyles and exercise positive choices.

Careers at the Workcentre

We believe it’s the love, energy and expertise of our staff that truly make the Workcentre what it is today.

Our people are passionate about what they do for their participants, their community and for the organisation.

Find out who works at the Workcentre. 

We occasionally need to recruit new people to work in our team to deliver our services

Roles are advertised on this page, the Workcentre facebook page and the GB weekly.


There are no vacancies at the present time. If you have seen an advertisement elsewhere, i.e. on FaceBook or in the GB Weekly, please follow the instructions there for more information.


History of the Workcentre

Having begun in 1979, and occupying a house that was built in the late 1800’s, both the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust and

84 Commercial Street have deep and varied histories.


It is the intention of the Board of Trustees to seek funding to write a ‘A History of the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust’ in the near future, thus capturing the full story of all the activities, initiatives, developments and most of all the people who have helped build and sustain this meeting and gathering place for the community of Golden Bay and beyond.


Until this is released, please enjoy the abridged version below.

History of the House

84 Commercial Street, Takaka is the home of the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust.

This stately Victorian era villa built by the Langridge family has been, variously over the years:


  • the home of the Sadd family and of Mr Bradley who worked on the telephone exchange

  • a boarding house

  • a maternity hospital run by Mrs Olive Lash (known as Tiff Lash) from at least 1939 - 1942

  • a rest-home run by Beryl Rogers 


Latterly number 84 was the home of members of the Langford family who sold the property to the fledgling Golden Bay Workcentre Trust in 1981.

This historic photograph shows Mrs Sadd with four of her five children (name unknown, Reg, Ken and Vern). The Sadds owned a General Store in Tākaka and lived in the Workcentre house for many years. The photograph was taken in 1907.

The photograph was kindly donated to the Workcentre by Pam Alston - the daughter of Reg Sadd (the baby in the photo!) who worked in the Bank of New Zealand. The image now hangs in the hallway of the Workcentre, just inside the front door (which is visible in the photograph). 


History of the Trust

1979 saw the formation of the very first origins of the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust.


Our small and humble beginning was as a craft co-operative based in a small space in Buxton Lane. In 1981 the co-op incorporated as a Charitable Trust, and subsequently purchased and relocated to the Trust’s current home at 84 Commercial Street. 


The years since have provided the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust with many opportunities to respond to the initiatives from both government and community and to craft a unique presence in the community of Golden Bay.

Currently managing three ‘arms’ of business the Trust is a:


  • landlord to 18 mostly community centric organisations and individuals

  • provider of services and programmes in line with the Workcentre’s Vision and Mission Statements and under contract to a range of government agencies

  • confluence of community involvement and community development including maximising the utilisation of the perpetually dynamic environment of the Trust’s community hub facilities at 84 Commercial Street.