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Community development is exciting and innovative work. It responds to community initiatives and directives from the Board of Trustees in equal measure.

Over the past decades a great number of community development projects have been supported by the Workcentre.
Some had their genesis as the Workcentre's own projects. Others were supported by the Workcentre under the umbrella of the Trust. 
We nurture these projects into life and autonomy before many become independent community organisations or initiatives in their own right.
Below are just some of the important community developed projects we have supported.


Artisans began in the front office of the main house, as a shop for the artists and craftspeople working out of the Workcentre.
Now they can be found in their own store along the road at 30 Commercial Street, Tākaka.

Senior Net

Senior Net


Golden Bay's Senior Net came into life as a Workcentre project in the third room on the left, 

before relocating to their own rooms at the Rec Park Centre.

Trees on Farms


This was a Workcentre development project funded by The Lottery Grants Board in 2000.
Trees on Farms enabled a Workcentre led team to plant native trees on a considerable number of farms across Golden Bay.

Community Pottery Studio


The community pottery studio began life as a Workcentre project with the Trust building a bespoke premises and successfully getting funding to purchase the first kiln. 


This is now an independent organisation but remains a tenant of the Trust.

Golden Bay Housing Trust

Golden Bay Housing Trust

The purpose of the Golden Bay Housing Trust (GBHT) is to address specific unmet housing needs in the community of Golden Bay by providing secure, healthy, and quality tenancies.
GBHT registered as a Charitable Trust in its own right in 2005 but still retains a very close relationship with the Workcentre, with a Memorandum of Agreement allowing the sharing of staff and resources.

Fresh FM

Fresh FM


Harvest Radio began in the second room on the left in the main house in the Workcentre.


They later moved to a dedicated space on our campus, and merged with Bolder Radio in Nelson, to become Fresh FM!

Golden Bay

Community Workers


Golden Bay Community Workers began life as a Workcentre development project, with funding sourced for the first year salary of the social worker.


They were initially based in the Workcentre’s house in Commercial Street, before moving to Hiawatha Lane and then to their current address.


Golden Bay Community Workers is now known as Mohua Social Services and is located next door to the Workcentre.


Living Well in Golden Bay


The findings of the Ageing in Place research project led to a further research project funded by the Lottery Grants Board which resulted in the publication of the 'Living Well in Golden Bay' report.


The brief of this research was to establish, through a thorough and intensive consultation process, a community 'blueprint' as to how Golden Bay could begin to address the key findings of the Ageing in Place Report.

This consultation process was conducted by Liz Thomas on behalf of the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust.

Report published in 2014.

'Ageing in Place' in Golden Bay


A research project funded by the Lottery Community Sector Research Fund and completed by Dr. Bjarne and Abbi Vandeskog on behalf of the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust, in line with Government focus, to establish the social, cultural, physical and environmental conditions (required in Golden Bay) to enable our older population to 'age in place' - in their own home and own community.

Key findings from this research showed that housing options and the fragility of 'social fabric' were determining factors to enable our elders to stay at home in their own 'place'.

Report published in 2012.

A new, centralised, multi-purpose cultural and recreational facility in Golden Bay?


Community consultation to determine if there is a real need for a new facility in Golden Bay and whether or not this need is widely held by the community. Funded by Lottery Community Facilities Fund.


Report published in 2009.

Golden Bay in 2022


Community consultation concerning the current issues and potential futures facing Golden Bay through the eyes of local residents.
Report published in 2002.

Golden Bay Social Report

Community consultation to compile a Social Report for Golden Bay, as commissioned by the Ministry of Social Development, Family and Community Services, and the Nelson-Marlborough District Health Board.


Report published in 2005.

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