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SuperGrans Motueka

Kaitiaki mentoring - The Sharing of generational knowledge 

SuperGrans Motueka is an Agency of SuperGrans Aotearoa 


SuperGrans came to Motueka in late 2021. 

SuperGrans  relies on volunteers from the community to help make it a meaningful programme for participants. 

We want to work alongside anyone who wishes to enrich their knowledge and build on thier life skills.  

Offering a totally confidential service, your well-being and confidence in us is very important. 

Chickpea Salad
Car Mechanic

Below are some of the mentoring services we provide:  


• How to make your income go further - including supermarket shopping tips. 
• Basic financial mentoring and budgeting 
• Cooking healthy, tasty meals on a shoestring budget 
• Growing your own food 
• Getting into a routine with the children 
• Developing household routines 
• Making your own cleaning products 
• Preserving in-season fruit and vegetables 

• Basic repairs around the home 
• Basic car maintenance 
• Clothes mending/ sewing/ knitting 

• Job seeking skills 

To Volunteer 

Volunteering with SuperGrans offers an immensely rewarding experience. By sharing your skills in a kind, generous way, you can empower others and help build a stronger, more supportive community. 

And no, you don’t need to be a ‘Gran’ to be involved! Male or female, young or young at heart, SuperGrans’ volunteers come from all walks of life. New skills are also welcome. If you wish to make a difference in someone’s life please contact us. 

To Participate 

If you have clients you believe would benefit from and would like to participate in one on one or group mentoring, please get in touch.  

Our volunteer mentors are confidential, non-judgemental, kind hearted and only want the best outcome for you and your whānau. 

SuperGrans Team


Maureen Urwin

SuperGrans Coordinator


027 257 7822

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